Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Giveaway: Arnold® and Oroweat® Sandwich Thins® Rolls, Pocket Thins® Flatbread, Thomas'® Bagel Thins® Bagels

Now that the snow is almost all melted -I can see more than half of my lawn- it's time that I start thinking about shedding some layers of clothing.  Soon, there will be no need for sweatshirts over long sleeves over undershirts.  Soon, it will be time to pack away the long pants.  Soon, the weather will be warm enough for short sleeves, capri pants, maybe even shorts.  And for the brave, bathing suits!  Gasp!  

For some of us...ahem, me...shedding of the layers will also mean working on shedding some pounds.  I really took to comfort eating during our colder-than-usual winter, and will need all the help I can get in losing the weight in order to feel confident in my warm weather clothing!  

When I am dieting, I'm never content with a baggie of celery sticks for lunch.  For me, that's the quickest way to send me off the wagon right into a bag of chips or other junk food!  When I'm dieting, I like to find low-calorie options for the foods I love.  Finding other alternatives for the food I enjoy, helps keep me from feeling deprived.  Helps keep me on the right track to achieve my weight loss goals.  

Arnold and Oroweat, along with Thomas' offer some great low-calorie bread options that are Weight Watchers approved!  

Arnold® and Oroweat® Products
All Arnold® and Oroweat® Sandwich Thins® Rolls are cholesterol-free foods, containing zero grams of Trans Fat and no high fructose corn syrup.

Arnold® and Oroweat® Sandwich Thins® Rolls
Weight Watchers®: 3 PointsPlus Value®
Flavors: 100% Whole Wheat, Healthy Multi-grain, Honey Wheat, Flax & Fiber

Arnold® and Oroweat® Pocket Thins® Flatbread
Weight Watchers : 3 PointsPlus Value®
Flavors: 100% Whole Wheat, Healthy Multi-grain

Thomas'® Bagel Thins® Bagels
All Bagel Thins® are 110 calories, cholesterol-free, low in fat and contain zero grams of Trans Fat
Weight Watchers®: 3 PointsPlus Value®
Flavors: Plain, 100% Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin and Everything   

I had the opportunity to try three of the breads from the product lines listed above.  For my review, I picked the Healthy Multi-grain Sandwich Thins Rolls, Italian Herb Pocket Thins Flatbread, and the Plain Thomas' Bagel Thins Bagels.

Our usual sandwich bread checks in at 80 calories a slice!  I don't know about you, but for me, one slice of bread isn't enough to make a filling sandwich!  I love that I can create a hearty sandwich with these great products, only using a small portion of my daily calories for bread!  Saving 50 to 60 calories on the bread alone!  This allows me to create a guilt-free lunch, when using other calorie friendly fillings!

Using the Sandwich Thins, I made delicious Low-Calorie Chipotle Turkey Sandwich for under 217 calories! While I enjoyed this sandwich in the comfort of my own home, this would be great for on the go!

For breakfast, I made some yummy Salsa Verde Sausage and Egg breakfast sandwiches with the Bagel Thins.  At 371 calories, the calorie count on this was a bit higher, but still way under the count for similar sandwiches from the convenience store!

My favorite was the Vegetable Stuffed Flatbread with hummus using the Pocket Thins (recipe link to post soon).  For 213 calories, including the carrots I ate on the side, I ate a crunchy, vegetable sandwich that was so satisfying and delicious.  This is definitely a lighter meal, so if you are really hungry, pair this with a small cup of soup for a more filling meal. *note: the photo above is two servings.

For additional recipe ideas, check out the following links:
To learn more about the products offered by Arnold and Oroweat as well as Thomas' check out the links below: 
In addition to providing me the coupons for the products above as well as a $25 gift card to purchase my recipe ingredients, Arnold and Oroweat  and Thomas' is allowing me to give the same prize to one lucky reader!  Entering is easy using the Rafflecopter Form below:    

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Disclosure:  Although, I received coupons for free product to facilitate my review, in addition to a gift card to purchase additional recipe ingredients, all opinions are honest and my own.  Additional coupons and gift card are also provided for the giveaway.


JC said...

My tip is portion control.

Heavensangel2387 said...

My biggest tip is drinking a lot of water! You are supposed to drink half of your body weight in oz. of water. Ex: If you weigh 150 lbs. You are supposed to drink 75 oz of water per day.

Elena said...

My tip is to cut out sugar from your diet

Unknown said...

Park far away in parking lots & drink lots of water

Unknown said...

fill up on lots of veggies; cut way back on sugar and starches

Anonymous said...

portion control to maintain weight loss

jennifer marie

lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

Julie said...

drink lots of water and watch your sodium intake

Anonymous said...

My tip is to drink water before each meal so that you do not eat as much.

Kim H. said...

For me it's lots and LOTS of water, plus raspberry ketones totally curb my appetite and snacking desires.

Anonymous said...

I make sure to do the treadmill 5 days a week to maintain weight loss.

carolwegs said...

Drinking a lot of water helps. thanks

Unknown said...

I keep to a routine for my workouts.


Kristen said...

I've had some success with food journaling. I use the MyFitnessPal app and it really helps me be aware of the choices I want to make about what to eat each day.

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