Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Low-Calorie Chipotle Turkey Sandwich

Low-Calorie doesn't mean it needs to be boring!  I love finding new ways to cut calories while enjoying the foods I love.  In this case, a few simple changes saved me a ton of calories without skimping on the flavor!  

For this sandwich, I swapped out my usual mayo for some Chipotle Hummus.  That swap alone saved me 60 calories!  Using a sandwich thin, in place of traditional sandwich bread eliminated another 60 calories!  I enjoyed my sandwich with a side of carrots instead of chips.  The crunchy, chip-like shape of the carrots helped me to feel as if I was snacking on chips as I ate my sandwich.  

Low-Calorie Chipotle & Turkey Sandwich (serves 2) 

  • 1 Arnold Sandwich Thins, Healthy Multi-grain
  • 1 Tbs. Spicy Chipotle Hummus 
  • 4 thin cucumber slices
  • 2 oz. shaved deli meat turkey
  • 1 leaf romaine lettuce
  • sliced carrots 
  • Spread chipotle hummus on one half of the Arnold Sandwich Thins, Healthy Multi-grain roll.  
  • Place cucumbers on top of the hummus, this helps hold the cucumbers on the sandwich as you eat it. 
  • Finish building the sandwich by layering the turkey, lettuce and top of the bun.  
  • Serve with sliced carrots in place of chips.  
  • A slice of cheese would be delicious with this sandwich, but I was wanting to keep the calories low so I skipped the cheese.  
  • Any flavor hummus would work well with this sandwich, I love the smokey chipotle flavor with my turkey.
Total Calories:  
217 calories, including the carrot chips served on the side!  

*Calorie count is approximate and may not be accurate.

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