Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kid Crafts ~ Paint Palette from the Recycling Bin

Grace loves to paint!  Although, she loves to keep her colors separate, she often forgets to rinse or switch brushes.  This often results in some muddy looking jars of paint.  I have a plastic paint palette that I picked up several years ago but the wells aren't deep enough for my little artist.  So, I pour colors into other containers rather than letting her use straight from the jar.

I usually use the small condiment containers that pickles or peppers come in when we get takeout.  You know, the ones that are also great for Jell-o shots. I've even resorted to purchasing a big package of them since we don't get takeout all that often.

For New Year's Eve, our friends brought over some frozen appetizers.  After popping them onto a baking tray and into the oven, I knew I wanted to reuse this plastic tray and set it aside for a snowy, arts and crafts day.

Just as I suspected, this handy little tray with all the individual compartments holds the perfect amount of paint to keep Grace occupied for a while!  This particular tray was rinsed out and used a couple of times before tossing into the recycling bin!

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