Monday, July 14, 2014

What Makes Me Smile #2

It was a little more challenging to find things that made me happy this week.  Some stress and depression tried to force it's way in a few times.  But I was determined to find some happy moments.  Here's what made me smile for week 2.

  • Trips to the pet store.  It's been a while since our once-super-spoiled-puppy got a special treat from the pet store so one night last week we stopped at a local pet store to let Grace pick out something special for her.  While there, we couldn't help but take a peek in the windows to see what kinds of puppies were available.  I know, I know.  There's a huge controversy over pet store vs. rescue, but seeing those adorable little pups running around and playing just really made me feel all warm and fuzzy!  I wished I could bring them all home with us!  Especially one little sassy pup that would have run circles around our Remmy girl!  We were laughing so much at the sweet little thing that I forgot to snap a picture, but I did manage to take one of this cute dog pile!  

  • New Friends.  Grace and I had a nice visit with some new friends this week.  I enjoyed talking to another grown up while Grace ran and played in the yard with her new friends!  

  • Kite Flying.  Grace did a great job of getting her kite up in the air all on her own earlier this week!  Once she got it flying, I helped her with letting out some string to get it flying a little higher!  

  • My daughter, the mini personal trainer.  Earlier this week, Grace and I set up the Wii and did some exercising together.  It was too warm to play outside (I don't do well in the heat) so the Wii is the perfect indoor activity for us, with the AC running at full blast!  Boy, this kid is tough.  She kept both of us going for a while until I showed her that she was able to do some of the things on her own.  After we were finished exercising, I was so happy to see her grab a box of raisins instead of cookies or chips for her after-workout snack!  

  • Trips to the Thrift Shop.  I love when the three of us go to the thrift shop together and I love even more that Grace is usually the one that suggests the outing.  This time, we all found something we wanted to purchase and I was even lucky enough to find a couple of thing that had 1/2 price stickers!  
What makes you smile?  I'd love to hear the things that help you keep daily stress from ruining your day/week!  Please share in the comments!

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