Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coupon: Scotch Pop-Up Tape and Gift Wrap Cutter

I love wrapping presents!  I always try to have coordinating paper, tissue paper and ribbons.  I try to get creative with my packages too.  And I really enjoy making gift basket type presents. 

When we lived in our apartment, gift wrapping was always done on the kitchen table.  When we thought about moving, I always thought I'd have a gift wrapping station somewhere in my craft room.  Although, I do wrap gifts on my craft table, I don't have a dedicated spot for pretty wrapping papers and all the other stuff that's needed for pretty presents! 

I keep my craft tools in galvanized buckets in the center of my craft table and that is where my gift wrapping "tools" live as well. 

Scotch has a couple of gadgets that I can't live without (well, can't gift wrap without). 

The first one is the Scotch Pop-Up Tape Hand Dispenser.  This thing is great!  The pre-cut strips make it really easy to get a piece of tape with one hand while holding your paper in place with the other.  No more fumbling for the disposable dispenser to tear off a piece of tape! 

If you don't already have one of these, it's a must-have for your gift wrap station, craft room or home office!  You can follow this link to print a $1 off coupon for the Pop-Up Tape Dispenser or Pop-Up Tape Refills.  

The second handy little gadget is the Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter.  This little gadget is great for cutting wrapping paper and has a built in  ribbon curler, too!  I keep one in my craft room, but I keep a spare in the desk drawer in the kitchen.  It's really handy for clipping coupons, recipes or other magazine articles! 

There's a $1 off coupon for the Gift Wrap Cutter, too!  Just follow this link to print your coupon!   

These coupons expire 7/31/10, so be sure to print yours out today! 

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