Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: week of July 12th ~ the very late edition

I'm really late with my menu planning this week for so many reasons.  My main reason is because I am trying to plan some healthy meals. 

Last week, I decided that I am  going to start eating healthier and start losing some of this unwanted extra weight that I've been carrying around.

Click the "Weight Loss" tab at the top of the page if you'd like to read more about my decision and my progress after one week. 

Last week, I made a batch of homemade Sloppy Joes for the first time.  I added a bunch of extra veggies to the meat mixture and they were really great!   We ate that for dinner 3 nights last week, since it was so yummy!  By using ground turkey and adding all of those extra veggies, it made  what could be considered a junk food meal into a very healthy dinner.  I was very pleased with myself!  I can't wait to make another batch of Sloppy Joes for freezer meals! 

I'm planning on some easy meals this week, since I'm hoping to do some walking after dinner a couple nights a week.  I don't want to have to rush to clean up dinner before I go walking and I certainly don't want to have a huge mess waiting for me when I get back.  So, here's my plan for this week. 

So, now I'm on the look out for some new healthy (and satisfying) recipes.  If you have any, I'd love if you would share them with me!  I really want to lose this weight and can use all the support I can get! 

I'm linking this menu plan to I'm an Organized Junkie's weekly blog carnival, Menu Plan Monday. 

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Anjanette said...

Good for you for making a plan to eat healthier!! You should check out the book "Real Food" by Nina Planck. I found it very helpful in deciding what "healthy" means, and it wasn't intimidating to read. :)

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