Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lazy days of summer: Naps, Grey's Anatomy and Great Neighbors

Wow!  It's hot!  After being spoiled with a few cooler days last week, this excessive heat is really brutal!

I had big plans to run a bunch of errands today, but after the three of us went to the local produce stand less than a mile away, I decided that the rest of the errands weren't all that important! 

Just getting out of the truck to go into the little shop was seriously uncomfortable.  Loading the baby and our produce into the truck wasn't fun, especially since Grace was uncomfortable from the heat too, and didn't want to be fussed with. 

I wanted to go to a local dairy for some fresh milk,  but luckily the produce stand carried the same milk.  Since we had the glass bottles in the truck, I picked up two bottles of chocolate milk and we saved ourselves a trip to the dairy. 

It also saved me a lot of temptation!  Since I decided on Monday evening that I want to start eating healthier and lose some weight, I didn't need the temptation of the cute little candy display at the dairy!  My weekness is the raspberry wheels, but they carry some of the really good local chocolates there too!  Mmmm!

When we got home, Joe gave Grace a bottle and she fell asleep right away in her pack 'n play.  She didn't even finish her bottle.  Just took a few sips and rolled over, sound asleep! 

I took care of some computer issues I was having and when I went into the living room,  I found my little family all sound asleep!  Joe and Remmy (the dog) were asleep on a blanket on the floor and the baby was still asleep in her pack 'n play. 

I know, I know, I should have grabbed the camera and took a picture of the three of them but instead I checked the clock and saw that as a rare opportunity to watch some Grey's Anatomy reruns on the Lifetime channel!  Woohoo!  I climbed into our bed, the AC was still on and the sheets were soooo cool and comfy.  And I sat and watch Grey's. 

Not only was it nice to have some of MY shows on the TV for a change (don't get me wrong, I enjoy Yo Gabba Gabba on most days) but it was also nice to have the bed to myself.  Grace and the dog both sleep with us.  Grace was supposed to be a temporary thing after she fell out of her co-sleeper, but it's been temporary since the day after Christmas.  Ugh!  Remmy, well she thinks our bed is HER bed. 

Anyway, for some reason, they both sleep on my side of the bed.  Usually, on top of me in some way.  Both feel the need to be touching me while they sleep.  I hate this.  I'm claustrophobic.  I like my space.  Especially, when I sleep.  Most nights I can deal with the two of them, but some nights, I feel like I can't breathe. 

So, all of them asleep in the living room was such a treat for me!   I was so absorbed in watching Grey's that I didn't even hear my neighbor knocking at the front door.  Joe heard her knocking and answered the door. 

After he was finished talking to her, he found me in our bedroom and told me that our sweet neighbor saw our front window open and thought we didn't have air conditioning (we do).  She asked if we wanted to hang out at their house to keep cool.  How nice was that?!  We really have great neighbors here.  There's no way that any of our neighbors would have checked on us when we lived in the city! 

Hmmmm.  I wonder if I can get Grace to nap during the 3 hours of Grey's tomorrow.  :)    Wishful thinking!

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