Monday, August 15, 2011

Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of August 15th

I'm a bit late in posting my menu plan this week.  Joe had off today, so we ran some errands before Grace's naptime.  We didn't even get that much accomplished this morning.  The dreary, rainy day has us all feeling a bit lazy today.  But I did manage to make dinner and organize a couple of kitchen cabinets while Grace napped.  Even now, I am typing this post while doing laundry. 

Some of last week's meals will be rolled over into this week since we didn't get to everything on the menu plan last week. I ended up needing to make a few changes and additions to the menu to make up for poor time management on my part.   

Last Monday, I was still too exhausted from the weekend to cook much of anything.  So, I put together a tray of enchiladas using some filling I had in the freezer.  There were leftovers that we enjoyed later in the week, too!  ***This meal was part of a single recipe served three ways....more details posted soon Check out One Recipe Served Three Ways for more details!***

Instead of making spaghetti with meat sauce, I decided to throw some frozen ravioli in the slow cooker.  This is one of my favorite no-thinking-required meals.  I was able to use up some cheese from the fridge that was nearing expiration, I used 2 small bags of ravioli from the freezer and a jar of sauce from the pantry.  Super-easy and pantry friendly! 

We've been spoiling ourselves lately with take-out on the weekends.  So as we got closer to the weekend, I started wanting pizza on Friday.  Instead, I had Joe pick up a DiGiorno Pizza with Breadsticks from the freezer section of the grocery store.  I popped the pizza and breadsticks in the oven and also reheated the ravioli from earlier in the week!  This was a perfect (cheaper) alternative to take-out. 

About the only thing I did prepare from last week's menu plan was the corn on the cob, the fried eggplant and BBQ meatloaf. 
So, here's this week's menu with a few things carried over from last week: 

    Molasses Baked Beans shown here with Salmon Burgers and Potato Salad.

  • Applesauce Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans.  An easy slow cooker meal that Grace really enjoys....well, she did the last two times I made's hoping she will gobble up this chicken dish again! 

  • Rotisserie Chicken, pasta salad, corn on the cob.  Yep!  Chicken two nights this week.  Mainly because it's what Grace likes.  But also because I have a whole chicken taking up space in my freezer! 

    Homemade Rotisserie Chicken made in our Set It and Forget It Rotisserie Oven. 

  • Black Bean & Sweet Potato Chili, white rice, corn bread.  The dreary day we had today has me in the mood for some serious comfort food.  A big pot of chili served with rice and corn bread is one of my favorite gloomy day dinners.  I'm not sure what the rest of the week brings, but if it's not cloudy and rainy this week, I'll make sure the AC is cranked up so we can enjoy our heaping bowls of this vegetarian chili! 

    Sweet Potato Chili served over a cornbread square. 

  • Spaghetti with All Day Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce.  I'll be making this late in the week/weekend so we'll have plenty for leftovers next week and also some to freeze.  I'm nowhere near emptying the freezer like I tried to do during my pantry/freezer challenge.  Although, I said I don't want to do any freezer cooking, the sausage in the fridge needs to be used up, so a batch of this sauce will be perfect. 

  • Waffles, scrapple, fruit salad.  Breakfast for dinner seems to be an every week thing in our house lately.  That's fine with me, it's easy and it's frugal.  Well, I hope the waffles are easy...I've never made them before!  I know they were planned for last week, but it's one of the many meals we didn't get to last week. 

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For more recipes and menu planning inspiration, be sure to visit Menu Plan Monday hosted by I'm an Organizing Junkie

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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I totally carry things over from week to week. I make the plan on Sunday but by Monday, things change. I found myself unexpectedly alone last night and wasn't about to make poblano arepas and eggs for myself so I grabbed a granola bar instead and had a quiet evening. I'll get to them eventually!

You're right, take out DOES get expensive!

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