Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friday's Fave Five: October 16th

This week has been a little more difficult to choose my five favorite things. It's been a quiet week, not much going on and a tad bit boring actually. And the weather is cold, damp and dreary...and promising to colder and more damp.

But I did manage to have a few bright spots this week:

  1. Walks with my baby and my dog. I've managed to take a few short walks with both the baby and the dog. Gracie has just started to like being in the Snuggli and really enjoys seeing the trees and feel the cool breeze. She especially likes to watch her crazy puppy run ahead of us on the leash. The dog is starting to realize (I think) that I have limitations with her when I have the baby with us. She walks differently with us than she does when my husband walks her. Hoping our yard and the field where we take our walks will dry out soon and the nasty weather won't last too long so we can take more walks.
  2. Dancing with the Stars. I know I mentioned the fall line-up, but I really want to focus on DWTS for this Fave. I am soooo loving that Donny Osmond is on Dancing with the Stars this season! I don't watch it every year and honestly only watched this year because he was a contestent. I really enjoyed the season that Marie was participating. The Osmonds was the first concert I ever went to. My aunts and uncles took me when I was in the 4th grade! I'm also really enjoying Kelly Osbourne on the show too! Twice, she has brought tears to my eyes. I cannot believe that she is the same bratty girl that was on the Osbourne's reality show a few years back! Not only has she kept her language clean, but she really looks like she is enjoying herself and gaining confidence each week. I really hope to see both of them stay a while on the show. Guess I should start voting, huh?
  3. Hot showers. With Grace sleeping such long hours at night, she doesn't often nap during the day. When she does, it's only for about 10 minutes or so. Hubby works long hours and often eats dinner, plays with the baby for a little while, then goes to bed. While he plays with the baby, I usually take that time to take a nice, hot shower. Sometimes I just stand there and zone out-forgetting that I am in there to wash my hair and scrub crusty baby cereal off of my arms!
  4. Husband that will eat anything I prepare for him. I love that my husband is not picky. Well, let's say 98% of the time he's not picky. He doesn't care when I announce that we are having leftovers for dinner...AGAIN. Last week, we ate a lot of leftovers. We managed to clean out the fridge without wasting a lot of food. Only one small bowl of soup needed to be tossed.
  5. My nephew. He turned 16 this week. Gasp! I'm not sure really, whether I should be happy or sad about this. But seriously, he's a really sweet kid and made my day when we left his birthday party. He doesn't hug me each and every time he sees me, (that's okay) but he really shocked me when he hugged me while his girlfriend was there. Usually, if friends are around, I can forget about him even acknowledging that us adults actually exist!

To read about more favorites, be sure to check out Friday's Fave Five hosted every week by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.


Hazel said...

Your description of your baby and the dog is lovely, much like my boys' relationship with each other except that the biological one has never gotten over thinking he'll always get Mommy's attention everytime because he's the 'eldest child.'

How sweet of your nephew to hug you in front of his girlfriend! Lucky Auntie :)

Carrie said...

Well, it sounds like you've had a pretty relaxing week, even if it was a bit dreary outside.

I've never seen DWTS but have been curious about it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Willow said...

It sounds like you had a great week. I love my walks, even without a dog and a baby. That would make them even better!

My hubby eats leftovers, too. Fortunately. Otherwise he'd starve at my house.

RA said...

Happy birthday to your nephew. I think you had a great week. Hope there will be a more wonderful week ahead :)

Barbara H. said...

I can remember with little ones enjoying alone time anywhere I could get it.

My husband is a good sport about eating leftovers or most things, too. There are only a couple of things he refuses to eat -- fortunately nothing that's a favorite of mine. :-)

My youngest is 16. Such a funny time -- grown up one minute, little boy the next. I'm glad you got a hug in even in front of the girlfriend.

Brenda said...

Hot showers are so wonderful when you are tired, I'm glad you get to take them. My husband will eat anything too and its really a blessing.

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Glad your little one is starting to enjoy walks with the dog. It's COLD and rainy here also, so I bet it ws nice to get out when you could.

And I bet that HOT, long shower is a wonderful treat. :)

Susanne said...

Isn't that something that the dog can pick up on walking different with you and your sweet baby and walking with your hubby. So neat.

I remember how wonderful a long hot shower felt when I had little ones. I totally get "zoning out" and forgetting about washing your hair. LOL.

Karyn said...

Isn't it great that after a drewary week we can sit down and find 5 things that brought us joy?

I most like the 'everyday' blessings people your walks, your shower, a non-picky hubby, and an affectionate nephew!

Hope the next week is warmer and drier and just as full of blessings!

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