Monday, June 20, 2011

Slimmer this Summer ~ Week 3


Today begins Week 3 of the Slimmer this Summer Challenge.  I'm looking forward to this new week.  A new beginning.  A clean slate. 

Week 2 was not a successful week for me.  I blame myself.  I mean, really, who/what else can I pin the blame on? 

Last Monday, we spent the day at Sesame Place.  I thought it would be a challenge to stay within my daily calories while at an amusement park.  But really, I didn't do badly at all.  I shared a Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap with Joe, shared some fries with Grace and ate a chocolate chip cookie.  Not bad at all.  I came home, added the calories to my food diary on, and was proud of the fact that I did so well when there was so much junk food tempting me! 

Tuesday and Wednesday, things were back to normal.  Measuring, weighing, counting, journaling.  All things neccessary for counting and keeping track of my daily calories. 

By Thursday, I was burned out.  I was sick of reading labels.  Sick of measuring.  Sick of weighing.  Sick of journaling.  I was tired of the pile of dirty measuring cups in my sink.  I was just fed up to the point that I was really emotional about it.  Thursday, I decided to give myself the day off from counting calories.  My guess is that I went over calories, but still not as many as I would have eaten before the challenge began.

Friday, I planned on getting back on track.  I hosted a mini high school reunion at my house and had an idea of what/how much I was going to eat that day.  I planned on sneaking into the house (we had lunch outside) to weigh the deli meat and put it on a 100 calorie Sandwich Thin.  After so many trips inside to get a salad bowl, a serving spoon, show someone to the bathroom, etc.  I just caved when it was time to prepare my sandwich.  I didn't weigh the meat and I used a full calorie kaiser roll!  There were a few other bad points of the day (where calories are concerned) but I won't bore you with all of the details.

After two days of not counting, it was just too easy to decide to skip on Saturday, too.  Really, I just couldn't get myself to even care about the challenge.  I didn't care that weigh in was Sunday morning.  I didn't care that I knew I would have to sit down and type out all of my failures for the week.  I just didn't care.  Sigh.  Not a good attitude at all.

On Sunday, I stepped on the scale.  I dreaded seeing the number, just knowing in my gut that it would be a gain.  I was surprised when I saw a tiny loss.  A very tiny loss.  .4 lbs.  No that's not another FOUR pound loss.  That's POINT 4.  Not even a half of a pound.  But you know what?  I'll take it!  I know I don't even deserve that much, but I'll take it!

I had a difficult time on Sunday.  I still had no desire to count calories or keep track of portion size.  But I forced myself to do it.  Knowing that there was no way I could start off the new week with another failure.  That if I didn't begin the week on there would be no chance of me staying on track for the rest of the week. 

I was so hungry for most of the day.  Really hungry.  I realized I was very tired.  I also realized that I was tired for most of the week.  That just had to be the reason I was so hungry on Sunday and also the reason why I felt burned out and deprived on Thursday, causing me to lose sight of my goals and just not care if I failed or not. 

We have another busy week planned, so my goal will be to get to bed early as often as I can or nap while Grace naps if I start to feel over-tired.  I don't want a repeat of last week. 

I'm still waiting on Joe to get the exercise bike up from the basement.  (It's too heavy for me to get up the stairs.)  So, exercise was a fail again last week.  But looking back, I don't think I would have exercised ayway.  Not with the miserable attitude I had last week.

So, there's my update for Week 2!  Moving on to Week 3 and a better attitude! 


Anonymous said...

I had a .5 loss, so just hit the half pound mark. It is a yucky feeling, but let's filter the disappointment into determination for this week. Next week, let's post up numbers to impress.... best of luck!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I GET being sick of tracking and sick of counting calories and sick of always thinking about it. But, then I think of how SICK I am of being fat! I am SICK of not being healthy and fit. Think of how AMAZING you will feel if you just stick with it! Just for the summer, see how it goes for the next 10 weeks. You so won't regret it!

Colie's Kitchen said...

You are right this is a fresh start to a new day and a new week! This week will show the results you are looking for!! Keep up the good work because it will be worth it!! Nicole

Mrs. Bradley said...

Hey there... It is all good. LIfe has its ups and downs. I can relate as I didn't lose NADA this week. But that is pretty much what I expected considering my actions.

You can do. And you will do this in your own way and in your own time.

If you need a friend... I am just a click away.

Michele said...

The important thing is that you are honest and letting us know about your week. Not every week will be great. Now, time to move on. Maybe start with one thing: tracking. Tracking. Tracking. Best of luck to you! Michele

Carrie said...

Here's to the beginning of a GREAT week for you! You can do it!

Sarah said...

Well, good for you, for sticking with the challenge and not just dropping out. We all fail at times. And the sooner we get back on track, the sooner we feel better.

I want to encourage you to get on that bike. You'll feel empowered and healthy if you get into a good exercise routine, I bet. And you'll be less tempted to eat and more motivated to weigh and count.

It takes a couple of weeks. I hate exercising for the first couple of weeks. But after that I actually look forward to exercise and I hate to miss a day.

Keep going. Keep going. You're going to feel so strong.

The Fat Foreigner said...

I'm glad you didn't just give up on the challenge, things are bound to be hard sometimes, the important thing is to keep going.

Julie said...

All along I've said honesty works. Yep you screwed up and yes you knew it. So you have to start over. It's important to track and track and track. It's hard and boring, oh so very boring at times but so worth it.
Good luck this week, we are at the half way point. Keep sticking to plan, you can do this.
Take care and God Bless!!!

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