Monday, June 27, 2011

Slimmer this Summer ~ Week 4

After last week's tiny (almost non-existent) loss, I was a bit nervous to step on the scale on Sunday morning.  Especially, since I didn't do so good with my water intake throughout the week.  But I counted my calories and journaled my food.  I didn't feel burned out with my journaling and tracking at all like I did last week.  I guess I was just in a mood last week. 

As reluctant as I was, I did weigh in before breakfast on Sunday.  I hopped on the scale and was very pleased to see a 2.4 loss!  Over 2 lbs.!  Woohoo!  I'm doing the happy dance!  (Does the happy dance burn calories?) 

Here's where the confession comes in:  I went over my calories on Friday and I didn't count calories or journal on Saturday.  I'll explain. 

On Friday, I went to lunch with a friend.  The restaurant we chose (since it was near the mall) didn't have any healthy or lower calorie options.  At least not anything I liked.  I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich.  The sandwich on th menu was LOADED with toppings.  Cheese, onion straws, bacon, etc.  I asked our server to hold everything except the bacon and put the onion straws and pickles on the side.  I ate both slices of bacon.  It's been forever since I've eaten bacon.  It was gooood!  I ended up eating all of the pickles too.  I only ate half of the sandwich and about 3/4 of the fries.  I didn't touch the onion straws at all. 

After walking the mall, we stopped in the candy shop.  I bought 2 chunks of fudge and some jellied fruit slices.  Normally, I would have bought a pound of fudge and a bunch of other chocolate goodies.  But decided that the chunks of fudge wouldn't do too much damage. 

I skipped breakfast on Friday to save calories and also because I was running around all morning getting us ready to go out.  After such a busy day (and big lunch), I wasn't hungry for dinner.  Later, while watching TV, I ate a piece of fudge and a couple pieces of the fruit slice candy. 

On Saturday, Joe took us out to breakfast.  It has been over a year since we went out for breakfast.  Of course, we had to hit our favorite breakfast buffet.  I started with a huge plate of fruit, shared a powdered donut with Grace, had a slice of french toast, some eggs, some fried potatoes, a slice of bacon, scrapple and some corn fritters.  Mmmmm!  I dreaded trying to figure the calories, so I didn't.  But in reality, I may have been over, but I don't think I did too badly.  The plates at the buffet aren't big dinner plates, but small salad-size plates.  I had my plate over-flowing, but didn't finish everything.  I skipped lunch but ate the other piece of fudge for a snack along with some fruit slices.  Joe picked up fried chicken for dinner, I picked the white meat from the chicken breast and ate it with a huge bowl of iceberg lettuce with some lite honey mustard dressing.  Dessert was a cone of frozen yogurt. 

So, two bad days, but not nearly as bad as they would have been before starting this challenge. 

Although, I am thrilled with my loss this week, I still feel as though I don't really deserve it.  I didn't meet all of my goals that I set up at the start of the challenge.  But I do feel like I am back on track with calorie counting and journaling (with the exception of Saturday) and now can focus on drinking my water.  Also, I am still waiting for Joe to carry the exercise bike up from the basement.  Since it seems as though I will have to wait until the end of the challenge, I decided today to get my butt moving by walking around the perimeter of our back yard with Grace following me.  After I did that last night for about 15 minutes (Grace wouldn't walk anymore), I raked up some grass clippings from when my nephew mowed the grass that morning.  I only raked for about 9 minutes, but it's 9 minutes of activity that I wasn't doing the day before.


Denise said...

Well regardless of what you did and didn't do, I think you well deserve your loss, so don't be too hard on yourself. Hope you have a great week.

The Fat Foreigner said...

Even if there is room for improvement, you're obviously doing something right. I'm glad last week was just a blip for you! It gives me hope :)

downsizers said...

Being in this Challenge does help make us think before we do something unwise doesn't it? I know I have been considering doing something stupid a couple of times and thought about the effect it would have on my weight and decided against it. Let's make this week a success for sure!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I'm glad you had the loss too! Good for you! I have to avoid the buffet like the plague now. I don't know how to "diet" while there and resent the fact that I have to so we just don't go. At least you were aware of what you ate and didn't just mindlessly eat. This will all get easier as we go along!! Have another great week!

Julie said...

A great loss. YEAH!!! And even with a couple extra goodies so you're doing it all right and moving onwards and downwards. Keep up the great work.
Take care and God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Good work - have a marvelous week 4!

Mrs. O said...

Fantastic loss this week! And exercise is exercise, no matter if it's on the stationary bike, walking around the backyard or picking up grass clippings. You're moving and that gets the metabolism moving.

Michele said...

Nice work on the loss. Plus, nice work on eating with reason when going out. Happy belated BD to your baby girl! Stays strong in your STS goals!

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